QEI is uniquely different in that its model creates new innovative Micro Gasification Systems made available throughout the world. The Micro-Systems  are built on 40’ trailer platforms for distribution and shipping capability. A state of the art R&D Center, as a demonstration WTE Pilot System that is  capable of testing seamless integration that features QEI  off-the-shelves technologies,scientific and project management expertise to advance existing technology models to bring forth a commercially available product. We concentrate on innovation, inspired by the most advanced scientist in WTE Micro- Gasification Systems and advanced Fuel Cell Technologies. We deliver products that set trends worldwide. QEI has the ability to streamline the advancement and commercialize  system technology at a high rate, and deliver products and services with a high level of expertise.

QEI’s approach to Micro - Gasification WTE is to develop small to middle-scale Biomass Gasification & Power Generation (QEI) technology for distribution that has sufficient flexibility and strong adaptability in line with loading conditions, and can be easily operated. It is suitable for the developing countries and specialized industries with dispersed biomass resources.  The system consists of a gasifier, a syngas cleanup system; engine generators of, water cleanup and treatment system that can help recover water for local use. It can be used as the self-sustaining power plant for multiple with cheap biomass resources. To promote market competitiveness, 250 kWe and larger systems with the possibilities of waste heat recovery for space heating can be developed. The systems can be developed for production of liquid fuels from the cleaned syngas in combination of heat and power production. Such a system will mainly consists of a gasifier as an enabling technology, singes cleanup and balancing- system, engine generators or micro turbines, a waste heat recovery system, coupled with Rankin cycle based electricity generator, catalytic syngas synthesis reactor, and scrubber water recovery and treatment system. It is estimated that the chemical energy recovery from such a system could be greater than 50 % and electricity recovery could range from 25 to 35 % depending on feedstock physicochemical characteristics.

QEI’s provides a demonstration system at each company location for system verification and testing of multiple feedstocks. The client specific system design will be engineered by QEI specified engineering company based on the QEI designs prepared based on pilot plant test results at QEI site. QEI will charge the client company for conducting the fuel prefeasibility study and eventually providing a system to the specific customer for commercialization. QEI will provide marketable systems to the general commercial industry and federal government. QEI’s test facility has a working WTE system that can test multiple fuel stocks, a key factor in selling our technology to the mass market.