qubeFounded in December of 2010,  QEI Inc.  is in the business of providing premier Micro Gasification WTE Systems and  R&D in the energy sector. QEI’s unique approach to manufacturing  smaller, agile Micro-Gasification WTE Systems, providing R&D Services to both the federal government and the commercial industries, will help support the rapid growth in sustainable energy for the future. Strategies of QEI include: focusing on smaller WTE Projects (.25 MW/and higher agile Micro Gasification Systems), supporting and implementing new technologies in WTE requirements and Fuel Cell Platform development for the DOD and commercial industry.   Recent increases in accessibility to new technologies that are not currently being utilized by government or commercial industries have set the path toward sustainable energy solutions.  QEI will help build the bridge to help new technologies enter the commercial and federal government systems that will eventually allow for a more productive distribution of technology in the energy sector.


QEI is different in that its model manufacturing and developing new innovative Micro Gasification System made available throughout the world.  The Micro-Systems are built on 40’ trailer platforms for distribution and shipping capability.  A state of the art R&D Center, a demonstration WTE Pilot System capable of testing numerous feed stocks and  integrating these Micro-Gasification Systems  that features QEI technology , off-the-shelves technologies, and scientific and project management expertise to advance existing technology models to bring forth a commercially available product.  We concentrate on innovation, inspired by the most advanced scientist in WTE Micro Gasification Systems and advanced Fuel Cell Platform Technologies. We deliver products that set trends worldwide.  QEI has the ability to streamline the advancement and commercialization of system technology at a high rate, and deliver products and services with a high level of expertise.