Waste To Energy

qubeQube Energy Inc. (QEI) is focused on solving the energy and environmental challenges that the world is facing today in order to achieve the larger, more imperative goal of reducing future impacts on the environment.

The unique challenges of this task demand the need for specialized capabilities, R&D facilities, and extensive experience to understand and devise an effective  solutions to develop new Micro Gasification Waste to Energy Systems  and provide a pilot systems to test new feed stock that can make an immediate impact on the way waste is being utilized for sustainable energy sources in specialized markets (Re: Chicken Waste, Coffee Waste, Plastic Waste, Sludge and multiple industries that continue to increase landfill).

QEI will provide the technology Micro-Gasification and required resources critical to devise a unique solution to fulfill those energy and environmental needs.  Because energy and the environment are interconnected, and are the cornerstones of our constantly developing society, they must be considered as a whole. However, the magnitude of many energy and environmental issues demand that they are treated as distinct components to facilitate understanding.

QEI has at its foundation, a number of highly interrelated focus areas as listed below. One of QEI’s strengths is our ability to approach a problem from a multidisciplinary angle, employing multiple focus areas and quickly crafting teams to solve the problems at hand. With the goal of developing proven innovative products and services.  The key to our success is the ability to create products that present new Intellectual Property (IP) that will be utilized to identify multiple licensing agreements in the following technologies.

  • Energy & Environmental
  • Waste to Energy Micro Gasification Systems (Phase 1 Development)
  • Advanced Power and Energy Systems
  • Energy Conversion System Optimization
  • Environmental Chemistry & Waste Management
  • Emission Control Technologies
  • Fossil Energy Resources (oil, gas, and coal)
  • Hydrogen Production, Distribution & Fuel Cell Technology
  • Renewable Energy
  • Research Information Systems
  • Waste to liquid fuel Systems