QEI Solving the Problems.....

qubeThe world needs clean energy and innovative green technology. As far as the IEA is concerned, the quest for alternative energy sources is very essential now that our environment is at risk. According to the International Energy Association (IEA):

- The demand for energy is expected to increase from 70% in 2050.
- Our carbon dioxide emissions are rising each year that would mean destruction for our planet earth if we are not going to do something about it.
- The IEA requires a minimum of 50% reduction on carbon emissions by 2050. What good is the energy revolution already underway?

Significant developments in science have helped find ways to capture ecological energy. For example, renewable energy and capture of energy from genetically engineered yeast and bacteria, have taken a leap in the energy industry. This industry is thriving and breaking new ground in the interesting energy revolution through WTE Micro- gasification. The WTE system harnesses the combustion of waste to be used for steam turbine electricity production. This is now a multi-billion dollar industry, which brings resources and waste materials everywhere. What’s unique about this innovation is that it was a big help in the production of clean energy, while simultaneously reducing tons of garbage. The opportunity for the industry is also huge because most countries are bound to rely on clean energy to solve many environmental concerns such as global warming. An example of a WTE system is the technology process biosphere system, invented and developed by Dr. Chris McCormack, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Global Environmental Energy Corporation. The technology uses a gasification process to efficiently convert and recycle waste materials into marketable products, such as electricity or green energy. Waste materials are converted in a thermal environment at high temperatures and oxygen starvation. This is a final product of other known biosphere carbon black, ash, high-alloy steel wire, and drinking water. This technology not only helps in proper waste management but it also further alleviates pollution in the atmosphere through the destruction of garbage in an environmentally acceptable manner. The process has passed all European and U.S. standard atmospheric emissions, including the latest EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations.

QEI will further advance Micro-Gasification WTE technologies to change the global environmental and energy concerns into opportunity, providing the best so far in the technology of renewable energy sources such as Micro-Gasification WTE Systems developed by our lead scientist.